Performed at Peacock Theatre, Salamanca
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Fri 12 Apr 2019 8:00pm Sat 13 Apr 2019 3:00pm Sat 13 Apr 2019 7:30pm Mon 15 Apr 2019 6:00pm Tue 16 Apr 2019 7:30pm Wed 17 Apr 2019 2:30pm Wed 17 Apr 2019 7:30pm Thu 18 Apr 2019 7:30pm Sat 20 Apr 2019 7:30pm

“It’s all a waste of time,” a boy shouts from a plum tree. “In a few years you’ll all be dead!”

Desperate to persuade their smug tree-dwelling friend, Pierre Anthon, that life isn’t pointless, a group of teenagers gather all the objects that are important to them to create a “heap of meaning”: green sandals, a bike, a pet, Jesus on a cross, Cinderella the dog. It seems there is nothing in the world that doesn’t mean something to someone. The ruder Pierre is to his friends, the more extreme their collecting becomes …

Things and beliefs come to define us. Who are we without them? Are we really “nothing”?

A cast of two actors – Jane Hamilton-Foster (Shit, Eight Gigabytes…) and Josef Ber (Mamma Mia, Rush, Bell Shakespeare) – create the whole world of the village, the school and the teenagers in this Australian premiere of the internationally acclaimed Danish play, Nothing, directed by one of Australia’s most innovative and dynamic theatre-makers, Kate Gaul.

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