RAWspace 2024

RAWspace 2024

Supporting the development of new creative ideas and projects

RAWspace 2024 will seed and develop new performance and public engagement projects that have the potential to be presented in our venues, public spaces, or on digital platforms.

Learn more about the successful RAWspace 2024 artists. 

RAWspace x Mona Foma
The Theatre Royal and Mona Foma joined forces in seeking proposals from Tasmanian based sound artists, composers and musicians for a very special RAWspace which took place in February 2024. The recipients of this were Sean Chua and Diana Chester with their project, Sastrugi, Sounds of the Antarctic Sea Ice.

Learn more about the successful 2024 RAWspace x Mona Foma project. 

RAWspace 2024 is supported by founding patron of the RAWspace Giving Circle, Belinda Kendall-White, the City of Hobart, the University of Tasmania, Performing Lines TAS and Mona Foma.

RAWspace is a program aimed at supporting independent Tasmanian artists to develop new work. Ultimately, we would like to see some of the projects supported through RAWspace appearing in future Theatre Royal seasons, diversifying the type of work we present and the audiences we reach.

We are seeking to support projects that will engage audiences or the public through live performance or performance installation, working in any art form. Proposed projects may have an intended outcome in a venue, site, or digital platform.

Works can be at any stage of development and, while an outcome is expected at the end of the program, this could take the form of a research sharing, work in progress showing, or public performance.

In 2024 up to five RAWspace opportunities were offered.

• RAWspace x Mona Foma is a residency offered in partnership with Mona Foma. It includes funding, venue access and technical support, with work-in-progress showings presented as part of Mona Foma 2024. See more about the selected project here: www.theatreroyal.com.au/shows/sastrugi-sounds-antarctic-sea-ice

• Four residencies were offered subject to an Expression of Interest process that closed at 5pm Monday 29th January 2024. Each residency receives the support outlined below. One residency is funded by Performing Lines TAS and will be selected for additional producing support beyond RAWspace by them.

Funding of up to $5,000 per project

• Funds will contribute to creative fees, materials and/or production costs (you will need to provide a project budget - see below).

• Funding from other sources is encourage, but not required.

• Theatre Royal will provide the Studio Theatre to be used as a development / rehearsal space with some access to technical equipment and technical support – to be negotiated, depending on project requirements.

Development & presentation space

• The Theatre Royal’s Studio Theatre will be available to each project for up to 5 days, (see available dates below).

• Office space may be available, depending on requirements and capacity.

• Other Theatre Royal spaces can be made available, depending on project needs, and the theatre’s operational requirements.

Access to mentors and industry professionals

Advice and support will be available on aspects of performance, marketing, technical production and project management. Note, this assistance will need to be scheduled with Theatre Royal staff in advance and is contingent on their availability – successful applicants will be responsible for managing their own projects.

Presentation of a work-in-progress showing, or public performance.

All projects will share the outcome of their development in a suitable format, which could include:

• A talk/presentation of research or concept development;

• A short showing, or excerpts of work-in-progress; or

• A full performance that is in development.

The main purpose of the presentation will be to facilitate critical feedback from professional practitioners, producers and technicians. Artists may also like to present work to the general public, seek feedback from audiences, or test audience engagement strategies.

The RAWspace program is open to:

• Independent Tasmanian artists, or groups of artists, at any stage of their career.

• Lead artists must be residents of Tasmania.

• It is understood that artists may be working with or receiving support from a funded company, however, proposals will only be accepted from the individual artist and not a funded company.

We want to support the development of new work or provide the space and resources to realise an existing work in development.

We are interested in performance works that intend to have a public outcome. Projects may be at any stage of development and we encourage diverse form and content.

We are not looking for work that has had or is about to have a public outcome.

The below dates in 2024 are currently available in the Studio Theatre for artists participating in RAWspace, though are subject to change.

4 to 8 March

18 to 22 March

29 April to 3 May

20 to 24 May

27 to 31 May

17 to 21 June

15 to 19 July

5 to 9 August

26 to 30 August

23 to 27 September

We encourage proposals from artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, people with disability, and LGBTQAI+ artists.

Proposals should include the following information:

Project description (500 words max.)

• What is the idea?

• What is the form of the work?

• What development has already taken place?

• What creative outcomes are you seeking to achieve through RAWspace 2024?

Audience engagement (250 words max.)

• Who is your intended audience (if you have one yet)?

• What will be the audience experience?

Project management

• Provide a timeline outlining the proposed development process – please refer to space availability above and identify a first, second and third choice of preferred dates you intend to use the Studio Theatre.

• Give a brief overview of any technical requirements you might have, noting the Theatre Royal will provide basic needs (the space and work lights), while additional resources will need discussion with our Operations team and possibly a budget allocation.

• Provide a budget outlining project expenditure, any income sources received or expected, and the amount requested through RAWspace 2024 (max. $5,000) – a template is available to download if you need one here.

Support material

• Please provide artists bios and some examples of key collaborators’ previous work, as well as any existing material for your proposed project.

• Written material to a maximum of 5 pages and up to 5 images should be attached to your application. Our preference for audio and video material (up to a maximum of 5 minutes duration) is to be linked to a URL. If attaching files, they should be no more than 5MB.

If you think you will have difficulty submitting your support material, please contact us via email rawspace@theatreroyal.com.au

Email your proposal as a pdf document to rawspace@theatreroyal.com.au by 5pm Monday 29th January 2024.

A selection panel chaired by the Theatre Royal will consider all proposals.

Some applicants may be invited to discuss their proposal with the panel.

All applicants will be notified of decisions in the week commencing 19 February 2024.

Will the Theatre Royal produce successful projects?

Theatre Royal does not currently have the capacity to produce new work, however, we will work with artists to identify the most appropriate resources and process required to realise their project. Note that, in 2024, Performing Lines will support one RAWspace project by providing additional producing support beyond the initial residency.

Will the Theatre Royal present successful projects?

We are interested in presenting new work within our annual Season or at different times during the year, in our venues, public spaces, the surrounding precinct, or on digital platforms. There are a range of factors that we consider when curating our program, which we will discuss with creative teams.

What venues would Theatre Royal present work in?

We have two theatres – the 698-seat heritage Theatre Royal and 284-seat Studio Theatre. We are also keen to use other spaces in and around our building, including the Ian Potter Recital Hall or The Salon within The Hedberg. Off-site works are also a possibility.

If I take up this opportunity must the work be presented by the Theatre Royal?

No, not everything will be relevant or suitable for the Theatre Royal. Part of the program will be helping successful projects realise the most appropriate long-term production ambitions and how to achieve those. Future presentations of the work will require an acknowledgment of support received through the RAWspace program.

Can I nominate my project to be supported by Performing Lines, Tasmania?

You may nominate your project be supported by the Performing Lines Tasmania offer, however this doesn’t exclude others who haven’t nominated their project. Performing Lines Tasmania will consider all proposals for their support.

What do you mean by “any art form”, or “diverse art forms”?

We’re trying not to be too prescriptive. We know that the type of work artists are making and the ways they are making it, are constantly changing and being redefined. The interests and demands of audiences are also continually changing.

While we would like to support performance projects that engage audiences in some way, they could take a range of different forms, including:

• Devised performance

• Text-based plays

• Dance

• Spoken word

• Performance lecture

• Musical theatre or cabaret

• Performance installation

• Digital outcomes, including Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) projects

• Radio plays or podcasts

• Multidisciplinary projects

You don’t have to fit into a category, just tell us what your form is, or you think it could be, and how people might experience or engage with your work.

What if I don’t know who the audience for my work will be?

Don’t panic, you don’t need to know everything yet. We have asked applicants to identify potential audiences or audience experience because, ultimately, we are interested in work that engages with the public in some way, either as audience members or participants. Your idea might not have reached that stage yet, but at some point, we want you to think about and develop an audience for your work.

I’ve already received funding, is my project still eligible?

Yes it is. We won’t discriminate against projects with or without funding, as you long as you can demonstrate that you have adequate resources to undertake the project and that artists are being paid.

We are a company with annual funding, can we apply?

We are prioritising support for independent artists and groups who don’t currently receive annual funding. If you receive annual funding to develop and present work, we should have a separate discussion about how you might partner with the Theatre Royal.

What technical equipment is available in the space?

We can provide you a standard rehearsal kit:

• Projector

• Screen

• Mixing Desk

• Speakers

• 2 x Microphones

• Tables

• Chairs

• DSLR Camera for stills and 4K video

We will discuss any requirements excess to the above.

The Studio Theatre will be provided with basic work lights, not access to the full lighting grid. Access to and experimenting with additional lighting or technical equipment, and appropriate personnel for their operation, can be discussed.

We will help by providing in-house support where we can, but the extent of this will depend on the project and our capacity at the time. For example, if you have a work that has a high level of tech needs and requires constant operation, you will probably need to factor in a tech or production manager within your team and budget. Here’s a link to what we have available in the Studio.

If I have my own technician, can they operate Theatre Royal equipment?

This will depend on the equipment and personnel. As a rule, the use of our equipment requires supervision from the Theatre Royal’s technical staff. We have allocated some technical support to each project, however, and will work with you to assess your requirements, available equipment, the capacity of personnel, and any other requirements around training or supervision.

Will I still own the copyright in my work?

Yes, you will. We will have an agreement with you that explicitly states artists retain all intellectual property rights, and moral rights, in work they create.

Does marketing support include a photographer for a hero image?

No, it does not. This would need to be an external contractor who you would have to source and pay for. We can help with some great contacts though.

My collaborators are outside Tasmania? Is there reliable internet inside the venue?

Yes, we have great Wi-Fi, which will be made available to your team.

Can I use other areas in the Theatre Royal & The Hedberg and bring the public into it?

Possibly. This will depend on the production schedule across our venues and what you would like to do. Use of the space and some equipment may require an induction or supervision.

What kind of support can you offer regarding performance, dramaturgy, set design, film and projection advice?

It is best that you factor creative expertise and collaborations into your plan and team. We can certainly help identify potential collaborators or advisors. As mentioned above, all projects will share the outcome of their development. We would hope to use a showing to facilitate critical feedback from professional practitioners, producers, and technicians. Artists may also like to present work to the public to seek feedback from audiences, or test audience engagement strategies.


For more information

Please contact Simon Wellington, CEO or Steve Mayhew, Program Manager at the Theatre Royal by emailing rawspace@theatreroyal.com.au