The War on 2019

Wed 04 Dec 2019 7:30pm

Based on all the best of the year’s headlines from The Chaser and The Shovel – and some of the worst – The War on 2019 allows you to relive all the AFP-approved highlights and other highlights of the year.

In 2019, Australian voters endured a bruising election. The only question in Australian politics now is: how many decades will ScoMo choose to stay in power? Australia is now a perfect utopia. Under ScoMo, Dutto and Frydo there is no longer any need for critical comment. Which is lucky, because if there was, the AFP would need to investigate.

Join Australia’s satirical all-stars: Charles Firth (The Chaser), James Schloeffel (The Shovel), Mark Humphries (ABC TV’s 7.30) and Freudian Nip’s Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst (SBS The Feed) as they dissect everything that happened in the year.

Note: Wearing an Australian flag pin is required for entry to the show.

Purchase a Premium ticket to receive a complimentary copy of “The Chaser & Shovel 2019 Annual” valued at $27.95!

“I left with a sore stomach from laughing extremely hard”
Tara Ramsay, Theatre Travels
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