Tactile Tours

What is a Tactile Tour?
A Tactile Tour is a guided tour led by a creative or production team member of the show you are about to attend, allowing attendees to experience the work in various ways, including touch.

In a Tactile Tour: 

  • Attendees are invited to the stage and invited to touch some of the set, costume and props
  • Elements of the show are explained in advance of attending the show
  • There is a relaxed approach to sound, light and movement
  • Attendees are welcome to bring in and use ‘stimming’ aids
  • The doors to the theatre remain open, and the house lights remain on
  • Attendees are welcome to leave the venue at any time
  • Registered guide animals are welcome
  • A designated quiet area is available, and
  • A virtual tour of our venues is available if attendees wish to prepare before their visit - Theatre Royal | Virtual tour

Who is a Tactile Tour for?
Tactile Tours allow attendees to fully immerse themselves in the production elements (set, costume, props, etc) prior to the commencement of the show, and is designed for people who experience of process the world in a different way (including people with low or no vision impairment/s, sensory processing disability/ies, and neurodivergence).

Our Tactile Tours happen prior to selected performances. 

For any enquires please contact our Box Office +61 (03) 6146 3300 or boxoffice@theatreroyal.com.au