Mamamia Out Loud Live

Wed 31 Jul 2019 7:00pm

The award-winning podcast Mamamia Out Loud is back for their second national tour

Come along to hear Mia Freedman, Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens discuss all the things women are talking about.

There will be laughs, opinions, possibly a badly choreographed dance number and you can meet the hosts afterwards.

Merch! Selfies! Book signings! All driven by Toyota Kluger. 

If you've listened to Mamamia Out Loud or come to one of our show's before, you'll know that every friendship group has a Nicole. The one who organises everything. The one who reminds you that the event is on. So we thought it was about time the Nicole of the group got a thank you. And a free ticket.

$1 from every ticket purchased will be donated to Rural Aid.

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