Fifty Shades of Ethnic

Sat 07 Mar 2020 6:30pm

Australian comedy trio Sooshi Mango is bringing their new show Fifty Shades of Ethnic to Hobart.

Sooshi Mango exploded onto the crowded viral video scene only four years ago, and they have already amassed more than 80 million views since they unleashed that very first video skit in 2015.

Sooshi Mango formed when brothers Joe and Carlo Salanitri and friend Andrew Manfre started larking around and put their madness to tape, quickly discovering that people loved their brand of ‘funny.’

With ethnic humour showing no signs of waning since the heady days of Wogs Out Of Work in 1988, relative newcomers Sooshi Mango introduced their unique brand of ‘wog’ humour to the world decades later, and they have enjoyed a stratospheric rise since. 



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