Frequently Asked Questions  -  takara nipaluna 

Q. How long does takara nipaluna run?
A. Takara nipaluna takes 90 mins, usually a little less.

Q. Is takara nipaluna accessible?
A. Yes, takara nipaluna welcomes people with access needs. People with hearing loss are catered for via the use of personal headsets; and the route has been designed for people with mobility issues, wheelchair users, or those who have children in prams. If you have any specific enquiries regarding accessibility, please contact the Theatre Royal Box Office. 

Q. What distance does takara nipaluna cover?
A. The tour covers a walk of 1.4km, almost all downhill and is a very gentle walk.

Q. Is takara nipaluna suitable for children?
A. takara nipaluna is suitable for children 11 years and above. Parents can bring younger children and babies in prams at their discretion. Each headset given out requires a purchased ticket.

Q. Will I be able to ask questions?
A. Questions are encouraged and a handout with extra information and resources is provided at the conclusion of takara nipaluna.

Q. Are there food or restroom stops?
A. There will be a restroom break halfway through takara nipaluna. The timing of takara nipaluna does not allow for a food/beverage break. We recommend that you bring a water bottle.
If you require a restroom prior to takara nipaluna, public restrooms are located at the Bathurst Street car park, across the road from Mathers House (tour start) or the State Library of Tasmania. 

Q. Will takara nipaluna proceed in poor weather conditions?
A. If the weather is slightly inclement, takara nipaluna will proceed. Please wear appropriate footwear and bring an umbrella or rain jacket. A wet weather version of takara nipaluna will be offered if the walk cannot be offered outside. You will receive notification of the indoor location prior to your walk via email, with as much notice as possible.