The Tempest

By William Shakespeare
Tue 25 Oct 2016 7:00pm Wed 26 Oct 2016 7:00pm Thu 27 Oct 2016 7:00pm Fri 28 Oct 2016 7:00pm Sat 29 Oct 2016 7:00pm Tue 01 Nov 2016 7:00pm Wed 02 Nov 2016 7:00pm Thu 03 Nov 2016 7:00pm Fri 04 Nov 2016 7:00pm Sat 05 Nov 2016 7:00pm

“O brave new world …”

Desperate people in tempest-tossed ships brave the seas, and today over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes.

Blue Cow Theatre invites you to experience the fate of Shakespeare’s own island refugees … a stateless father and daughter, a king who grieves a drowned son, a brother who strives to kill his brother, a drunk who crowns himself a king … all castaways, hanging on …

Shakespeare last and most reflective comedy sets compassion and mercy in a struggle with ambition and vengeance. It culminates in one of the most profound and astonishing moments in all world theatre – the moment when empathy triumphs!

Staged to complement the superb Tempest Exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, the show will be presented in TMAG’s iconic Central Gallery, reimagined as Prospero’s Library. Robert Jarman’s production, with William Dowd’s designs, draws inspiration directly from the Exhibition.

Produced by Blue Cow Theatre
Directed by Robert Jarman
Designed by William Dowd

Starring Guy Hooper as Prospero
with Claire Dawson, Ivano Del Pio, Scott Farrow, Anna Kidd, Robert Maxwell and Ellen Roe.

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