Sleeping Booty

Wed 22 Nov 2017 8:00pm Thu 23 Nov 2017 8:00pm Fri 24 Nov 2017 8:00pm Sat 25 Nov 2017 8:00pm

Shhhh! She’s still asleep.

But that won’t stop the Bawdy Panto gang from rowdily cavorting with their usual cacophony of outrageous gags, beautiful dancers, desecrated songs, blokes in drag and general mirth and merriment.

Sleeping Booty is the re-telling of a children’s classic that will be totally unrecognizable but somehow strangely familiar.

The Bawdy Panto, now in its 15th year, is the ‘must see’ annual event on Tasmania’s theatre calendar. It’s not exactly high art, it’s a bit more ... ummm ... naughty culture. But that is what critics said of “Blue Poles” in the early 1970s. And “Blue Poles” is now worth a squillion dollars! So our best advice is get along and see the Bawdy Panto - while you can still afford it! At $30 a ticket, it’s a steal.

Cast Includes: Andrew Casey and Danielle ‘Scoobie’ Lipscombe and a veritable ‘who’s that?’ of local media

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