My Friend the Chocolate Cake

Sat 09 Dec 2017 8:00pm

Launch Album 'The Revival Meeting'

My Friend the Chocolate Cake is a colourful and honest musical mirror to Australia's complex national character. The band with the big tunes is unique among its peers and recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Singer/songwriter and pianist David Bridie, alongside the glorious strings of Helen Mountfort’s cello and Hope Csutoros’ violin, are high in the collision of elements that have made MFTCC a failsafe concert draw, triple ARIA award winners and a vivid presence on countless film and TV soundtracks. Their eight-album history including 2017 release The Revival Meeting is a multi-dimensional mural of modern Australia that illustrates its geography, political mores and suburban identity.

To record the album the band retired to a shack in regional Victoria to work up arrangements for songs brought to the table by David Bridie (piano and vocals) and Helen Mountfort (cello). Instruments lay strewn around a rustic cluttered living room. Amongst books, drawing pads and dusty furniture, 15 tunes were fleshed outduring four days of playing and conversation, laughs and food and this is your chance to hear the results.

'an album unlike any other, combining genres, images, instruments and lyrics not found in much of today’s music. This is not a throwback, or retro album. Sure their influences dip into folk, maybe even classical. But it is their own sound…this album is a work of art, and one that makes me reach back into their catalogue, but for my ears, this is their best and their most accomplished album to date.'
Spill Magazine
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