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A Tasmanian Requiem
Sun 08 Apr 2018 3:00pm

A Gap in the Fence will present A Tasmanian Requiem at the Theatre Royal 13 and 14 April.

A Tasmanian Requiem is an ambitious musical and visual conception that faces a past haunted by the terrible legacy of the Black War of Van Diemen’s Land. Performed by Tasmania’s premiere brass ensemble, the Island Brass Quintet, and an eight-voice vocal ensemble under the musical direction of Gary Wain.

This concert Requiem is composed by Helen Thomson, with text by Greg Lehman, with Jim Everett/puralia meenamatta and Frances Butler, and filmic response by Julie Gough.

We are very pleased to provide this opportunity to meet with the performers and creatives of this exciting and uniquely Tasmanian audio and visual work to speak about the concept and creative process of developing A Tasmanian Requiem.

The panel will include:

Helen Thomson - Composer and Soprano
Greg Lehman - Writer
Madelena Andersen-Ward - Contemporary soprano
Tom Buckmaster - Classical tenor

Facilitator: David Sudmalis, Director Arts Tasmania


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