By William Shakespeare
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It is the greatest play, and deserves the reputation. It touches on the most raw emotions in language of unparalleled beauty.

Shakespeare wrote brilliantly about jealousy, hatred, pride and love, but he never captured a single emotional state so lucidly, complexly and profoundly as in Hamlet: a study of what it feels like when someone close to you dies, and the strange complexities of mourning.

Blue Cow returns to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, site of their striking 2016 staging of The Tempest, performing Hamlet in the atmospheric, crypt-like basement of the Bond Store. Of The Tempest, Danielle Wood wrote that it “found an emotional register in the text that is rarely seen, and the actors invested such care in the language that its meanings leapt to life.”

Continuing his development as an actor of outstanding sensitivity and maturity, Scott Farrow plays Hamlet.

The cast includes Andrew Casey, Jordy Gregg, Ross Hay, Guy Hooper, Anna Kidd, Jane Longhurst and Matt Rossner, and Robert Jarman directs.

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