Bawdy Pantos Present

Brian, the Bitch and the Bathrobe

Wed 25 Nov 2020 8:00pm Thu 26 Nov 2020 8:00pm Fri 27 Nov 2020 8:00pm Sat 28 Nov 2020 8:00pm

We thank you for your understanding as we work to reschedule this show.  An announcement about new 2021 dates will be made as soon as possible and ticket holders wishing to attend should retain their tickets pending confirmation of new dates. Patrons unable to attend the new dates can obtain a full refund.

Bawdy Panto’s annual romp is now in its 18th year. Brian, the Bitch and the Bathrobe is the first in the Chronicles of Kunanyi series by  C.S Lewis-Marine. It is a gripping story about a bloke called Brian,  this old, flea-bitten but politically correct dog and the second-hand bathrobe he bought from Vinnies. What mysteries lie in the pockets of Brian’s bathrobe and who gave his dog a bone? Buy a ticket to Bawdy Panto and all may be revealed.

Some scholars suggest that this story is an allegory of the crucifixion – that’s for you to decide. Oh no, it isn’t! Oh, yes it is. The cast includes a veritable ‘who’s that’ from the local media, theatre and political world including John X, Peter Gee, Danielle ‘Scooby’ Lipscombe, Andrew Casey, Cassie Xintavelonis, Ben Armitage, Jac Gatward,  Laura “Keegs” Brown and the occasional cameo appearance from our more ‘senior’ personalities like Richard Moore and Daryl Peebles.

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