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Bee Gees Revival

One Night Only
Sun 26 Jul 2020 4:00pm

Bee Gees Revival—One Night Only has sold out shows across Australia.

Now in its fifth year of touring, the Melbourne-based Bee Gees tribute act is bringing its magic to Tassie as part of their Apple Isle 2020 tour. Phil Splitter, who plays the role of Robin Gibb, says the current line-up is the best yet.

Backed by a five-piece backing band, the show captures the spirit of one of Australia’s most successful musical acts—falsettos included.

Bee Gees Revival—One Night Only brings classic tunes, fun and banter to the stage.

Appearing at the Theatre Royal Sunday 26 July 2020, it’d be a ‘Tragedy’ to miss out on this fabulous event.

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