What is a subscription?

A Subscription is defined as one person attending a minimum number of shows from the 2021 subscription season:

  • Subscriber - attending a minimum of 4 shows and a maximum of 6 shows
  • Premium Subscriber - attending a minimum of 7 shows up to all 31 Season shows

Currently (as at January 1 2021) - There are just 6 shows released for our 2021 Subscription Season due to uncertainties around touring events and COVID-19 restrictions. Until the release of any further 2021 season events, booking 4 or more of these 2021 Season shows will trigger the 5% subscriber discount.

If you wish to purchase additional tickets online that do not qualify as a subscription (i.e. not part of 2021 Subscription Season), you can do this after completing the Subscription Season purchase.

As an extra benefit for Subscribers & Premium Subscribers, any additional Season 2021 tickets purchased throughout the year for the Subscriber will also be eligible for the 5% & 10% discount respectively. These can be purchased online or from the Box Office.  If purchasing online, make sure you Login first to obtain the discount

Please note, concession discounts only apply for some shows and price levels. Please refer to individual show prices in the brochure or website for advice.

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