The Surgeon's Hands

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Blue Cow Theatre is delighted to present their next production, The Surgeon’s Hands, a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction play by Alison Mann.

The Surgeon wanted the perfect daughter, so he made her.

But is perfection truly achievable? Isn’t there always one more blemish, one more fault? Are there limits to our almost godlike ability to shape ourselves? And how does it impact our lives?

Inspired by a true story of a plastic surgeon who “perfected” his two daughters, this world premiere of The Surgeon’s Hands is a revelation: outlandish, comic and disturbing, and alarmingly close to reality.

Written by one of Tasmania’s most stimulating playwrights, directed by one of the states foremost theatre directors and performed by a cast of magnificent Tasmanian actors.

Writer: Alison Mann
Director: Annette Downs
Designer: Jill Munro
Cast: Georgia Blizzard, Robert Jarman, Melissa King

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