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Pinocchio the cheeky wooden puppet wants to have fun and live life to the full, but most of all he wants to be a real boy. As he sets out to fulfil his dream he is soon tricked and led astray, then forced to learn life’s lessons the hard way.

This is a timeless tale of adventure, mischief, hope and magic. A vibrant journey of the imagination where anything is possible and trouble is just around the corner.

Big Monkey Theatre’s colourful adaptation by Les Winspear, has all the charm of the original story by Carlo Collidi, with a cast of madcap characters and catchy songs to carry you through one of the most renowned children’s stories of all time.

The talented (and very energetic) cast include Claire Dawson, Craig Irons, Quinn Griggs and Emesha Rudolf with Will Pridmore as Pinocchio.

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