My Life in the Nude

Fri 01 Jul 2016 8:00pm Sat 02 Jul 2016 8:00pm

My Life in the Nude is a burlesque dissection of an un-clothed career. Maude Davey has helped to set the standard for edgy, provocative and sexy salon performance over the last two decades. As one of the core performers in Finucane & Smith’s phenomenal The Burlesque Hour she has performed nationally and internationally to wild acclaim.

In 2013, approaching her 50th birthday, Maude ‘retired’ her nude acts with this powerful and beautiful retrospective – she thought it was the last time! A celebration of the corporeal, a queer history lesson and an urgent affirmation of shared humanity this is 100 un-missable minutes of brutally honest cabaret.

“…exponentially self-effacing and self-honouring in the same breath, an intelligent conceptualist, a ‘cunning linguist’ (as they say) and a quite remarkable physical presence.”
SIMON EALES, themusic.com
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