We hope you appreciate that the safety of our patrons, artists and staff is paramount. For this reason, a range of COVID-19 safety measures have been introduced to protect visitors to the Theatre.

Over recent months, we have consulted with government and our staff, and undertaken risk assessments to establish the most effective measures to reduce risks posed by the virus. These include:

•    QR code check-in via the Check In Tas app 
•    Eligible patrons and staff must be fully vaccinated
•    Wearing face masks 
•    Providing hand sanitising stations 
•    Preference for digital tickets displayed on mobile devices 
•    Preference for cashless payments 
•    Cleaning between all performances and events 

We understand that rising infections in the community and the regular changes to existing and new COVID-19 restrictions can cause uncertainty and anxiety. We hope that the above measures make people feel as safe as possible in attending the Theatre. 

Choosing to mandate both masks and vaccination is a decision we have made in accordance with the advice of medical advisors from both the state and federal governments. This advice has been informed by careful and detailed analysis of published, peer-reviewed scientific literature by infectious diseases and population health experts.

There is a body of evidence demonstrating that being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 reduces the risk of severe illness, hospitalisation and death from all variants of the virus. It also shows that people who are not vaccinated are more likely to suffer from symptoms of COVID-19 and are therefore at greater risk of transmitting the virus to others.

For more information on vaccines, we refer to the Australian Government Department of Health website:…

The mandate also aligns with restrictions brought into effect by the Tasmanian Government in December 2021, requiring anyone drinking alcohol in our foyer bars, and our staff in those areas, to be fully vaccinated. The location of our bars in foyers on every level of the Theatre building and the crossover of patrons, production personnel and front of house staff between bar and theatre spaces, make it practically impossible to effectively implement and monitor these regulations without a consistent, venue-wide policy.

A thorough risk assessment, required as part of COVID-19 safety planning processes, identified a higher level of risk for those individuals working or attending events on our premises who are not vaccinated.

There are many views about the ethics and efficacy of vaccine and mask mandates and there is an undeniable tension in the need to balance individual freedoms and community safety. As an organisation with values and aims focused on bringing our diverse communities together, we have prioritised community wellbeing.

The combination of evidence-based research, government advice, risk assessment and broad consultation have all helped determine our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to do so in the future.

We understand that some patrons will either be unable to attend the Theatre or upset at the extent of restrictions we have introduced. We hope these measures will only be temporary and that everyone can return to enjoying a full and enriching cultural life as soon as possible.