Theatresports™ 2016

Sat 10 Dec 2016 7:30pm


After smashing it last year with a sell out, they’re back for more!

ImproTas is back again! Celebrating the glory of improvisation through THEATRESPORTSTM hosted by Andrew Casey.

Applaud the victories! Cheer on your favourite teams! Laugh at the epic fails! Boo the Judges! It’s all part of the fun times!

Who will be eliminated?
Who will make it to the final round?
Who will emerge as the ultimate championship team?

The Trophy is back, bigger and better than ever!
It’s been nick-named, The Punter…

In a similar style to Whose line is it anyway?  And Thank God you’re here THEATRESPORTSTM allows performers to create completely original, un-rehearsed scenes where the improvisers think at lightning-quick speeds to try to tell stories that have never been written. No one knows where they’ll end up! The audience participates in the action, the judges decide on the scores and at the end of the evening one team is victorious!

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